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Appointment Policy

What you need to know before booking


** excludes bridal services, see your personalized contract for T&C's***

  • We have a 72 hour cancellation policy, which means we need at least 72 hours notice before your scheduled appointment if you want to cancel or reschedule, otherwise you will forfeit your 50% deposit for your appointment for your first offence and 100% deposit will be required to rebook.  Any no shows/late cancels/reschedules on the second offense is a loss of the 100% deposit.  

  • Deposit payments can be made in person with cash, via e-transfer or with Square Reader email invoice (an additional 5% fee is applied to use Square for ALL debit and credit card payments)

  • Remember when posting on social media to TAG all venders involved! We are all small businesses and this is a simple act that can help us gain new clientele as well as show off your photos!

We get it, plans can change last minute, you get called into a meeting at work but we need at least 72 hours notice to change your appointment. 72 hours notice gives us the necessary time to fill the space that your appointment took up. We are busy studio and that space could have been given to a gal or guy in need of our services. 

Please inform us if you are going to be late for your appointment so we can do our best to accommodate you in the time you have remaining.

  • Please turn your phone off or switch to silent mode during your appointment, and no talking on the phone during your appointment. This is for ALL treatments. It's very hard to do someone's makeup if you're scrolling on your phone the whole time. If you have a music playlist you want to have on let us know! We can bluetooth it to our speaker and have your favorite jams pumping you up for your makeup & hair services or shoot!


  •  Please come with a clean face and day old hair (unless getting a blowout, please come with freshly washed damp hair... not dripping). 

  • Make sure you book appropriate add-ons so not to be dissapointed if we end up not having enough time to complete extra services such as airbrushed foundation or doing an updo instead of a downstyle. 

  • bring inspiration photos, but bear in mind that they are for inspiration. If your facial features will not allow for these inspiration images to look flattering we will have to compromise for something that compliments your features! Not everyone can rock a cut crease or a deep smokey eye.

For any wedding inquiries please see our dedicated page to this topic!


  • Please have discussed wardrobe read and wrinkle free! If we have borrowed items from a vendor treat them with care as most are unique and must be hand washed after each session! 

  • consider time of year when booking as we will do our best to accommodate the time of year (sun or rain) so that we don't have to cancel less than 72 hours in advance! 

  • Consider adding on hair and makeup services so that you feel your best and so you'll be confident it holds up and looks great in the photos!

  • Note: you won't get access to all the photos. A personalized gallery will be available to view the best photos chosen for your package and to be available for download. If you wish to purchase more than what was previously discussed that is also an add on we can provide!!

Thank you for booking in with Candice Deanna! We look foreword to seeing you soon!

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