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Candice Deanna Vancouver Island Triple Threat Makeup Hair and Photography Wedding Vendor Logo
Vancouver Island Wedding photographer branding image for Candice Deanna of her taking a photo at a mountain viewpoint

Photography Portfolio

Here is a little taste of my style!


 I love emotive photography. I let the photos dictate the editing style but they tend to be a little moody and expressive.  I love playing with light and texture and Vancouver Island is a fantastic place to have as a backyard studio!  Beautifully candid shots, mixed in with some casually posed portraits. If you want photos that you'd be proud to hang big and loud on your walls like personal works of art, I'm your girl. I love having an experience with my clients, not just a photo session. I want to laugh with you, feel big feelings, push ourselves, find the moments in between the moments. 


Available for :  Personal branding portrait sessions or product branding, empowerment/ boudoir sessions (either 1 on 1 or for couples), weddings, elopements, all things family (pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, maternity shoots, first family photo and extended family photos).

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