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PNW Wedding Vancouver Island Bride getting makeup applied by Candice Deanna Triple Threat Makeup and Hair Artist
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Here is a little taste of my style!


An ongoing PORTFOLIO of work that constantly changes as my style and skills evolve and trends come and go. But there are some oldies on here just to give you a look into what may be a style you like that isn't something "ON TREND" atm. 

This gallery has a small mix of candid's, before and after's, Pearl Package photos, as well as some of my Triple Threat Wedding packages sprinkled in! SO enjoy!


 The "Makeup Magician":


I've been doing makeup professionally since 2010 (geez that makes me feel old!)  where I went and graduated from Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver. But in those 14+ years I've learned a thing or two and have been continually searching for the best way to apply makeup that can look super natural to full glam that, that can last a whole wedding day with minimal touch ups. That looks AH-MAZING in both person and in photos. And that finally makes my clients look & feel confident while also not feeling uncomfortable with a makeup artists amount of makeup on their face! 

I have a fine arts background so skin tone matching and blending layers of product are my secret power to applying the perfect look. I tend to lean more towards what will look flattering on you and may give a eye roll at trends. If your look, looks like the most polished version of you I feel like I've done the job well! But I won't shy away from some glitter or pop of color if your feeling it!

I do airbrushing, face painting, drag makeup, super natural and FULL GLAM. From the lightest pale gals to the deepest darkest skin tones I've got products in my kit that will suit. Not a 20-30 something with barely any laugh lines from living your best life? No worries. I love working on mature skin types and I do lessons if anyone wants a refresher on your makeup skills that you have been putting to good work for decades. 

 The "Hair Wizard":


I've been dabbling in hair since high school! I went to a comp school in Saskatchewan and luckily had a chance to learn to cut, color and yes... even learn how to do perm roller sets... in my teens. I've assisted in many different salons around the worlds as well as take additional specialized masterclasses on bridal hairstyling, techniques and hair extensions. So what ever the Pinterest inspo you bring I will do my best to educate you on the fact that that mannequin head they styled on has 3x's the amount of hair you do, it's a very different texture so we can't do exactly that look, HOWEVER.... tell me what you love about it and we will create something that suites you and your hair in a similar style!

As an artist:


I'm laid back and require my clients honestly with their looks. Please don't say your love everything about what I've done just because you don't want to hurt my feelings! Because you have to look that way for the shoot, wedding or event your going to, NOT ME! So make sure you take a few moments to really look at the whole application and if there's something I did that doesn't feel like you, let me know! If it's something that's changeable I'll change it, if it's something I've done on purpose, I'll educate you on why. 


As I grow into the magical TRIPLE THREAT artist I want to be I am giving priority to bookings that require all 3 of my amazing skill sets: makeup, hair & photography.


I will of course still take on select Makeup ONLY and Makeup & Hair bookings but as of 2024 I will no longer be taking on any Hair ONLY bookings. 

Available for : Weddings (of course!),  personal branding portrait sessions or product branding, empowerment/ boudoir sessions (either 1 on 1 or for couples), all things family (pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, maternity shoots, first family photo and extended family photos).

Vancouver Island Triple Threat 

This is just a small snapshot of my makeup and hair artistry career. For more samples of my work head over to my socials!

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