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This is a more in-depth place on my site where you can read about experiences for clients I've done in the past, additional advice for prepping for a booking as well as general fun posts to do with all things makeup, hair or photography related!

J & J : Micro Wedding at Goldstream Falls

J & J connected with me to assist them with their intimate wedding on August 27th. Originally they had planned to do this near Cathedral Grove in amongst the old growth trees in true Pacific North West fashion, however as sometimes happens this plan didn't go as they hoped it would. With the fires near Cameron Lake caused many issues over the summer season and it generally being a hot tourist destination the location was changed to Goldstream area. They chose the Twine Package which includes Bridal Hair and Makeup (no trial, as they were from the BC interior) and 2 hours to capture the important part of the day with their family. As both the groom and brides mom's were attending the couple wanted to include them in the getting ready portion of the day and added on makeup and hair for both. To accommodate the added services we chose to add on one of my amazing assistants Ashley to help get the moms ready while I focus on the bride's look and take some detail shots of the items they are including in their day.

We made our way over to the visitor parking area at Goldstream and did the short walk to the falls through the tunnel under the highway along the dry creek bed to the falls. Groom J was there already set up the area as we waited for the visitors to finish splashing around in the falls and taking their photos of this beautiful spot. Once the area cleared the bride made her way to the spot they would say their vows and become husband and wife.

The was also a unique situation where the father of the groom was a minister and could preform the ceremony for his son and future-daughter in law.

I adore an micro wedding, the emotions surrounding this intimate shared moment just feel so much more magnified by the size of the group chosen to witness this benchmark in a couples journey together.

After the "I do's" we took some time to get some beautiful couples portraits of the newly wed's and moved our way back towards the parking lot to meet up with everyone for the cake cutting before taking off for a dinner together. With the smoke setting in the air from the Okanagan wildfires the light casting through the trees was just gorgeously atmospheric.

If you're wanting to elope or plan a micro wedding the Twine Package is one of the only packages that has an adjustable time line for photo's you can choose the minimum package which is Bridal Hair and Makeup (no trial) with 2 hours of photography or add up to 4 hours of coverage and a trial if you want to test out your look ahead of time! You can also do as J & J did and include anyone close to you with hair and/or makeup even if you don't have a traditional wedding party.

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