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Vancouver Island's ONLY
Triple Threat Wedding Vendor


OuR StoRy




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That magical unicorn wedding vendor who's here to help you through this major life moment.


As Vancouver Islands                    TRIPLE THREAT artist, who not only can make you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day but also capture the newest chapter of your love story. As an experienced pro wedding makeup & hair artist of well over a decade, self-taught photographer, avid sun chaser, craziest cat-mom.


My UK tea- toting, wilderness explorer and partner Simon and I  split our time during the year between calling Vancouver Island and the sea-side city of Bournemouth UK  our home, but we're adventurers in our souls. After a 2 year stint in London UK and 18 months of world travels we ended up in Australia and fell head over heels for #vanlife.


However, as we all know that C- word hit and  during the pandemic, me and my partner had to spend 10 months separated and I jumped into my own van conversion which we now use ever summer on the island to travel up and down from wedding to wedding and really taking in all that this beautiful place has to offer. It’s been an incredible journey ever since. 



We’re usually out of the country and on the road for 5-6 months every year. Which means, even if you live in the UK, Australia or beyond, we can still meet and organize a photoshoot.


BUUUTTT we have good news!!


In 2024 we are applying for Simon's PR and so we will hopefully be on island more than just the 6 months each year!


Say                               to late fall and winter weddings!!​


I’ve recently discovered that a large part of what I thought were my quirks and personality was actually ADHD! I'm that typical introverted extrovert. In this discovery I learned what MASKING was and this is a total game changer as I am the chameleon of adaption and AMAZING under pressure because I can read the room and adjust myself effortlessly to accommodate. Regardless of a diagnosis I am quite down to earth, love a laugh and a bit of sarcastic banter is in my arsenal. I love random chats about life/psychology, traveling, cats and creating art.


When we meet, I can promise you 3  things :​

1.  I got you. I've been doing this for years and I can be flexible. I want this day to not necessarily be exactly as planned, but rather one of the best days of your life (regardless of what may or may not go to plan!)


2. So many laughs 


3.  You will feel your most beautiful self with equally beautiful photo memories that we’ll create together.​

ANNNND maybe a fourth one....just because I'm trying to be a more humble person and open about the type of small business owner I am: 

4. I'm a creative who happens to have to do admin, my neuro-spicy brain likes writing emails but it also procrastinates due to the fact email writing isn't a big enough dopamine hit. So to alleviate some of this part of my work that I struggle with I have hired a very specific admin gal who assists me part time in the fall/winter months.

However, if you have a delay on email communications DO NOT WORRY! I'll repeat that: DO NOT WORRY. Take a deep breath, because I got you! I've seen the email and my ADHD brain went on a side quest before concluding the response. I will get to it within the week.


IF you happen to be the type of person this action stresses out, I will say this. I work very well under pressure and as emails aren't really high stakes  enough if it's a non-urgent question. I find I only connect with you closer to when I can focus my whole energy to YOU! IF something is time sensitive just send a separate email with the matter and "URGENT" in the Subject. Easy. If it is a huge concern of yours PLEASE LET ME KNOW I don't want to add stress to an already stressful time, with you trying to organize a huge event like a wedding. I'm easy to communicate and problem solve with.



XX Candice  

(and sometimes Simon and our newest fur babes         Betty &        Archie)

the Triple Threat  packages 

Why book 3 vendors when you can book one easily that gets you ready for the big day, keeps you looking photo ready AND snaps all those beautiful moments for you to look back on? 

Easiest booking choice for wedding planning EVER!

Know which package you want already? Easy. Just shoot us an inquire through our form here: 

Not quite sure which package suites you?

Browse through our Packages below for full details!

And if you're hunting only for Makeup & Hair OR Photography Services, whether it's for a wedding or other event, please still use the inquire form above and let us know how we can help you or email directly by clicking that cute little mail icon!




Our most popular Package!

A package that's JUST Riiiiiiiight.  Ready to make your wedding day unforgettable? Our most popular package has got you covered! We'll candidly capture the important moments. Plus, with a second shooter and additional views of your ceremony and and shots of both of you getting ready. You'll have memories to last a lifetime! Included is the bride's stunning makeup and hair. Inquire now and let's make magic together!

 the Silk package 

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